Benefits of Nursing Newborns

                                                     The Nursing benefits for healthy facial growth and oral development.


      Today’s new mothers may already know how important nursing is their newborn child’s immune system.  What they may not know is how important nursing is to the overall facial growth and oral development   of their newborn. Or, how proper facial growth and oral development plays a vital role in the long term health of their growing baby.   


      The function of a newborn  child’s tongue compressing the nipple to nurse trains the tongue to be in the proper placement in the mouth for optimum  formation of the oral cavity, as well as, stimulating healthy  facial growth. When a newborn learns early to habitually place the tongue in the roof of the mouth upon swallowing they are actually defining shape of their sinus cavity.  Simply put, the roof of the mouth is the floor of the sinus cavity. A high vaulted, abnormally shaped roof of the mouth intrudes into the sinus cavity, setting the stage for a lifetime of sinus related illnesses.  

     Another important function of proper tongue placement during nursing is the promotion of forward facial growth versus downward or long facial growth. When the face grows in a forward direction, the top and bottom arches of the mouth are encouraged to grow to their full, round, natural potential. This growth creates enough space to allow all the teeth to erupt and help form a large airway for normal healthy breathing. . When the face grows in a downward direction the lower jaw continually grows down and back encroaching into the airway, making it more difficult for proper oxygen flow during breathing.  In turn, more oxygen helps promote better sleep habits, more energy, and a clearer thought process.

     Ultimately, every mother wants the best possible health for their children.   Call us today for your child’s   facial growth evaluation.